Esh • אש


Fire goes together with Light in Jewish tradition. The Torah describes light as God’s first act of creation, “Let there be Light!” Light is intangible and yet essential to life, fostering its association with the divine. According to Jewish mysticism, the original divine light, the boundless Light of creation, preceded the sun, moon and stars, that mark and guide our passages on earth. Fire is associated with divine revelation at the Burning Bush and Mt. Sinai. It is powerful, potentially dangerous, and yet essential to civilization.
Through this Portal are Gateways that explore symbols of light and fire. Time, directions, seasons, are all illuminated by the heavenly bodies. The rainbow spectrum has mystical and modern meanings. We associate light with the divine, but also acknowledge the spiritual renewal to be found in the dark.

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Fire is associated with atzilut, אצילות, the spiritual world.

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