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Some favorite blogs & websites for Jewish spiritual growth and environmental learning

In alphabetical order

The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) links Jewish organizations, leaders and individuals for environmental activism.

Hazon (“Vision”) is the premier Jewish organization whose work encompasses transformative experiences (including retreats), thought leadership and capacity building for a more sustainable community and world.

Jewcology is an online community to connect people interested and involved in Judaism and the environment.

Kol ALEPH is the voice of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, the movement for renewing Jewish spirituality. The movement’s current focus is on “Deep Ecology” and how to apply the resources of Jewish tradition to healing the planet.

Neo-Hasid offers Hassidic spiritual resources for the modern world from Rabbi David Seidenberg

Sophia Street is a blog by Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan, rabbi, philosophy professor, depth psychologist and animal lover.

Shalom Center proclaims a prophetic voice of Torah and social activism, including environmental teachings, by my teacher Rabbi Arthur Waskow.

Torah Flora is a website developed by Dr. Jon Greenberg and devoted to the study of plants and nature in Torah and Jewish tradition.

Torah of Awakening presents spiritual teachings and guidance from Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks, whose music is featured on this website.

Urban Adamah is reviving Jewish agricultural traditions in the heart of the city with the first urban Jewish community farm and education center in the country.

Velveteen Rabbi Blog presents spiritual resources (famous Haggadah, Days of Awe prayerbook), reflections and poetry by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat.

Some Web resources for Jewish learning

In alphabetical order

Bible Belt Balabusta shares tons of super creative Jewish crafts, gardening, and educational ideas for parents and teachers.

Bible Walks website takes you on virtual tours through the biblical and historic sites of Israel, and provides resources for study. They have kindly allowed use of some of their original photos.

Jewish Treats, from NJOP, serves forth an eclectic menu with a “juicy bit of Judaism” every day, which you can get via email or a variety of social media. Also check out their “Twebrew School” to learn to read Hebrew online.

My Jewish Learning is the premier comprehensive site for Jewish learning, always reliable, varied, and dynamic. You can always go there to learn more about topics and terms mentioned on this site.

The Open Siddur Project is a community shared online workspace with free texts and resources related to the Siddur (Jewish prayerbook), which they define as “a reference book for accessing Jewish spiritual practices.”

Sefaria is a living library of free Jewish texts. Many of the text studies on this site link to resources on Sefaria.

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