Time to Blow the Shofar!



It’s Elul, the month preceding Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and time to sound the ram’s horn to awaken our souls for the New Year ahead. This Wellsprings post on the shofar has been revised with a new video from Hazon, the premier Jewish environmental organization. Enjoy experiencing and learning about this ancient instrument.

A Gallery of Some Favorite Nature photos

For fun, I’m sharing some favorite nature photos that I took myself. First some fauna, then some flora, some more “abstract” nature views, and then landscapes. I’ve been using more of my own photos on the site as time goes by and my skills improve. I started with an iPhone6, moved on to an iPhone7plus, and then got a fixed lens camera and took some lessons. I also borrowed my daughters DSLR camera and macro lens for a few of the flower closeups. If you enjoy my nature photography, I post regularly on Instagram as Wellsprings.

Eco-Meaning of the Sukkot Plants

Eco-Meaning of the Sukkot Plants

by Rabbi David Seidenberg

The four species of the lulav [waved in blessing and praise on the holiday of Sukkot] represent the four types of ecosystems in the land of Israel: desert (date palm), hills (myrtle), river corridors (willow), and sh’feilah or lowlands (etrog – agricultural). (more…)