You can make eating a peace of fruit into a meditative experience. Say the blessing and consider what a gift has come to you from God’s bounty. Our Sages saw the blessing as a kind of thank-you or payment, as it were, for partaking of God’s creation. I am filled with wonder when I pause to consider the amazing fruit before me, the bounty of the earth, and the process that brought it to my table. Experience your piece of fruit through sight, touch, smell, and finally slow and savoring taste. Consider the vitality that flows through the sun, rain, and earth to your fruit, the bees that pollinate the flowers, the human hands that care and harvest. This opportunity is open to you at every meal and is highly recommended at your Tu Bishvat Seder (see further down the paths on this Gateway of Trees). It can give you a feeling of being on a retreat.
–Rabbi Julie Danan

Featured Image: Pomegranates from our tree in California, JHD

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