You may wish to “center” yourself – bring your awareness back to your body – before exploring the Portals, Gateways and paths of this Virtual Retreat landscape. You may have your own practice, or choose to use the recording (in the green box) or the text (below) on this page. Enjoy.


If you prefer to read the centering suggestions –

  • Put aside any physical burdens and also any mental burdens that you are carrying with you, just for now.
  • If you are at your desk, it can feel good to clear the clutter and make some physical space, intending to also open up some mental space.
  • Changing position can help you to focus. If you have been sitting for a long time and are able, stand up. If you have been on your feet for a while, sit and relax. You might want to indulge yourself in a luxurious stretch.
  • You may wish to let your eyes softly close, or soft focus. And let your breathe out with an audible sigh.
    Take a few moments to just breathe, allowing your belly to expand with each in-breath.
  • The Hebrew word for breath, Neshimah, is closely related to the Hebrew word for soul, Neshamah, so as you breathe be aware that you are connecting to your soul. Take a few moments now, just to breathe.
  • Consider: What is your intention (kavanah) as you explore Wellsprings of Wisdom today?
  • When you feel centered and focused, gently open your eyes.


You can now use the header menu to select your Portal and Gateway to explore, or continue here for ideas on how to share your Wellsprings of Wisdom experience.