Exploring the Four Portals & Many Gateways

An Experiential Map of Wellsprings


1. Start with a Portal from the home page images or in the top menu – Earth, Water, Air, or Fire.

These four Portals parallel the Four Worlds of Jewish mysticism:

  • Earth – Physical
  • Water – Emotional
  • Air – Intellectual
  • Fire – Spiritual

2. Choose a Gateway & Explore.

Within each Portal, you will be guided to choose a Gateway (a content page) that explores a symbol from nature. New Gateways will be added regularly and existing ones can grow.

Each Gateway page will offer you many paths (individual posts), in many modalities, to explore at your own pace. You can proceed straight down the page, discovering cumulative patterns of meaning, or meander through the paths serendipitously, exploring whatever interests you today.

Pathways will include:

  • Overview of the symbol as a spiritual and psychological archetype
  • Visual images including photographs and video
  • Recordings of nature sounds, songs, chants, and guided meditations
  • Sacred Study from the Torah, Sages, and Jewish mysticism
  • Sacred practices, including traditional rituals as well as personal spiritual practices
  • Questions to consider and comment
  • Personal reminiscences from a variety of contributers
  • Tikkun Olam and Tzedakah (Social Action and Justice/Charity)


3. Share Your Own Reflections

You are encouraged to make your virtual retreat into an interactive experience by responding in the comments sections on each path and also by commenting in the Sharing Circle near the bottom of each Gateway

Wishing you many wonderful journeys.

Start exploring now or take a few minutes to get centered.

Blessings on your path


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