Modah Ani 12, chant by Rabbi Shefa Gold

Ruach also means “Spirit.” Rabbi Shefa Gold has composed 36* chants for “Modah Ani,” I am thankful, the short prayer of gratitude recited upon awakening each morning. These chants are free to download and also available in a beautiful app that makes it easy to start your day with gratitude for the miracle of being alive!

modeh-aniRabbi Shefa uses the word “Ruach,” Spirit, as a way of addressing God, in place of the traditional “Melech” (King or Sovereign) pictured at right. Here is her poetic translation: “I gratefully acknowledge Your Face; Spirit lives and endures; You return my soul to me with compassion; How great is your faith in me!” (In Hebrew, “before You” comes from the same root word as “Your Face.”)

*36 is twice 18, a special number in the Hebrew tradition where each letter has a numeric value (called Gematria, Hebrew numerology). The letters equaling 18 spell out the word chai חי, meaning “alive.”

Featured Image: Hawaiian Orchids, Elisheva Danan

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