When Moses stood at the burning bush,  (Exodus 3:5), YHWH told him to remove his shoes, because he was standing on holy ground. If weather, terrain, and social setting permit, going barefoot can be a great way to make a fast connection with the earth (even indoors but all the better if you can do it outside on the ground). Take some time to feel the textures and temperatures on your feet and sense your connection with the earth.

Standing or seated, plant your feet firmly on the earth (or floor), and let your spine grow tall, feeling your head lift up and your shoulder blades fall back. If you like, imagine your feet rooting into the soil. Feel the energy flowing from two directions, up from the earth below and down from the heavens above. As you breathe in and out, picture the exchange of your breath with the trees and plants in your environment. If you like, you can repeat this phrase in Hebrew to yourself: Admat Kodesh   אַדְמַת קֹדֶשׁ  (holy ground).



Featured Image: Susy Morris, www.chiotsrun.com via Flickr

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