I’m excited to announce that with a burst of effort, I’ve “completed” the Gateway of the Moon. (I put that in quotation marks because even after a Gateway (content page) is “complete,” I often go back to enhance it and to add new posts. This Gateway has taken 3 months to finish, mostly because I’ve been so busy at work and also with teaching the fall trimester at the Academy for Jewish Religion. Although I didn’t quite make my goal of finishing it for the secular New Year, I think it’s symbolic that I completed it on Rosh Hodesh Shevat, the New Moon/New Month of Shevat!

Moon, Niculina Archer

Photo by Niculina Archer (captions for photos generally appear on hover)

The newest pathways (posts) in the Gateway of the Moon include Blessing the Moon as a spiritual opportunity particularly associated with men (paralleling Rosh Hodesh for women), and a guide to the Hebrew lunar months. There is also a post about the Solar Eclipse (an update from this summer), and my own “Guide’s Perspective” to greeting the moon. There is a lot to experience and explore in this Gateway, but most of all I hope that you will come to appreciate your own experiences of the Moon, and to share them with me and other visitors in the Sharing Circle of the Moon. (There is a Sharing Circle in every Gateway and I hope that you will write about your own experiences of spirituality in nature).

Although I’ve enjoyed the Gateway of the Moon, I’m more of a down-to-earth person, so I’m eager to go on to the next Gateway! I’ll be writing to all the subscribers about the Gateway of the Moon (please subscribe on this page for my very occasional updates), and then announcing the next Gateway. I also want to post some special materials for Tu Bishvat, the upcoming New Year of Trees. Meanwhile, you can find a lot on the Gateway of Trees.