In honor of Passover, I have revised a post on the Parting of the Sea. which is now on both the Gateway of Wind and the Red Sea, NASA photo, public domainGateway of the Sea! What is a miracle? How does the story of the Sea parting inspire us to help others and to grow as people? Hopefully there are some good questions here for personal reflection or to discuss at a Passover Seder. Enjoy and Happy Passover!

Also, since I’ve been asked, a reminder that photo credits are visible on hover (or light touch on a smaller device), except for featured images, which are credited at the bottom of each post. I am also gradually linking reposted photos from websites like Flickr back to their original location as possible. Photos by “JHD” are my own. Photos not by me, my family or friends (with their permission) are public domain or Creative Commons License.