Many people find a total solar eclipse to be an incredibly spiritual experience in nature that opens them to the vastness of the cosmos. More eclipse resources, from practical, spiritual, and particularly Jewish perspectives have been coming my way in recent days, so here are some more wonderful materials for share. (Thank you to Rabbi Riqi Kosovske) for sharing several of these.)

For spiritual reflections from a Jewish perspective, I loved Dr. Tamar Frankiel’s beautiful post on Rosh Hodesh Elul (the new Hebrew month prior to Rosh Hashanah), and its relationship to the eclipse. Another inspiring Jewish resource is Sun and Moon, Together, a free downloadable e-book by Prof. Nehemia Polen and daughter Adina Polen. This “mini literary magazine” includes deep teachings for adults on the moon in Rabbinic tradition, and an illustrated story to share with children.

To continue the theme from the last “What’s New” post in more depth, you can read Rabbi Joshua Heller’s teshuvah (response) to the question of whether one should offer a traditional Hebrew blessing on seeing the eclipse–and which one to say.

Finally, here are some great general guidelines for viewing the eclipse and meaningfully and safely. For those of us who are not in the path of “totality,” there are ways to watch the celestial event remotely.

The previous “What’s New” post has blessings that can be said for the eclipse.