I’m so honored that Rabbi Rachel Barenblat has allowed me to share a post from her celebrated blog, The Velveteen Rabbi. Since we are both transplanted Texans (myself via California) to the U.S. Northeast, I really resonated with Rachel’s feelings about New England’s “Stick Season,” in late autumn, when the trees are bare of  colorful leaves but before the first snowfall coats them with glistening white. She has learned to treasure the dormancy and subtle beauty of this time of year, encouraging us to be fully present and learn from each season as we live it. Contemplate her gentle reflections on “Stick Season,” a new pathway in the Gateway of Seasons.

I have also added a new picture on that Gateway page that shows one of my favorite trees through three seasons of the year.

Here’s my instagram photo of a local tree in full autumn glory and then a week later in its bare leafless beauty: