A hammock is the perfect place to hear the wind.

View from a Hammock in Mahopac, New York

View from a Hammock in Mahopac, New York

In the hammock between two oak trees at our ranch in the Texas Hill Country, I imagined the wind in the branches as the echo of the long-gone ocean that had flowed there millions of years ago.

Near Mt. Lassen, California, I relaxed in a mountain hammock and listened as a far-off wind among the canyons whistled nearer, nearer, nearer, and then faded slowly away.

And sometimes I’ve just lounged in a hammock in our backyard on a Shabbat afternoon, watched the summer breeze in the treetops, and warmed myself like a lizard in the sun.

Consider and Comment: Do you have a hammock? How do you like to relax on Shabbat?



Featured Image: My backyard hammock in California

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