Before I finish preparing for Passover, here are two more Pathway posts to enhance your Passover experience, or throughout the season: some delicious ideas about symbolic Passover foods from the earth in the Gateway of Gardens, and a Happy Passover flowersnew Guided Meditation on Miriam’s Well in the Gateway of Wilderness (Miriam’s well and Miriam’s cup are already the subject of a couple of posts in the Gateway of Water Underground). For your convenience, you can find all Passover-related posts collected here.

If you are counting the Omer (a spiritual practice of counting the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot), you might enhance that with a look at Counting the Omer of your life, in the Gateway of Seasons.

If you can’t take a Passover retreat, take a break this week and explore Wellsprings of Wisdom!