“Water rocks!”Garden View, Santa Monica, Peg Schultz-Akerson
–for Standing Rock Sioux and all sacred life
(Micah 6:8)

Bucketing, barreling long-awaited runoff. 
Delighted, barefoot, and cold I imagine myself a Rwandan girl
except I have not missed school;
I am not without choice.
But water is essential too
for who must spend the day this way.
Dig wells wisely that all may be well!

Now how my garden glistens!
Low-water succulents
intricate beyond expecting:
rosemary, ceanothus,
Garden View, Santa Monica, Peg Schultz-Akerson

California fuchsia,
lantana of many colors.
Sparse water: survival.
Ample water: surprises:
pink, red, blue: who knew?




Garden Rain Collection, Santa Monica, Pastor Peg Schultz-AkersonHumanity
must stop unsustainability:
washing down driveways,
grooming lawns,
twenty minute showers,
not barreling runoff,
Faucets off, dear friends:
shaving, brushing, warming.
Faucets off.



Stand in solidarity with
Standing Rock Sioux.
May nothing deter!
No to drilling where water runs!
Life is sacred.
Water rocks!

Love kindness,Garden View, Santa Monica, Peg Schultz-Akerson

do justice,
walk humbly with water’s Maker.
Be drenched in sacredness.




–Pastor Peg Schultz-Akerson (January 2017)






My friend and colleague Pastor Peg Schultz-Akerson and I have studied and taught together about Jewish and Christian teachings on the Holy Spirit- Ruach Ha-Kodesh. Pastor Peg is an interfaith leader who serves on the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Consultative Panel for Lutheran/Jewish Relations. Her garden is a National Wildlife Certified backyard habitat.

Featured Image: Long-awaited rain is gathered and collected, Santa Monica, California, Pastor Peg Schultz-Akerson


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