The Hebrew word for “well,” Be’er, באר can be read, “to elucidate, make clear.”

The Hebrew word for “spring,” Ma’ayan, is related to the words for “eye” and “looking” (ayin, ayen, עין).

Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, speaks to an angel at Ein Hamayim (spring or “eye” of water)  at Be’er Le-Chai Ro’i  באר לחי רואי (which could mean, poetically, “Well of the Life-Source, the One who sees me”), Genesis 16:7-15), and is later saved in the desert when God “opens her eyes” shows her a well of water (Genesis 21:19).

Wellsprings, water underground, suggests the messages that appear to us through dreams, meditations, creative explorations, and synchronicity (meaningful coincidences). These are experience that can open our eyes and help us find the depths within our souls.

Consider and Comment: Do you have time and space in your life to dream, meditate, and engage in creative pursuits? What are the wellsprings of your inspiration?

Featured Image: Swimming in Jacob’s Well, Texas, by Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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