The desert oasis is an important biblical image. The beauty and life-giving power of water in the desert suggest a source of spiritual as well as physical refreshment. Ein Gedi, Spring of the Goat Kid, an oasis near the Dead Sea, is known as the place that future king David hid out from King Saul (I Samuel 24:1-2).

Ein Gedi is also featured in the Bible’s love poetry, Song of Songs:

“My beloved is a spray of henna blooms from the vineyards of Ein Gedi.”

Song of Songs 1:14

An oasis can be a kind of sanctuary in space or time. It could be a plant on your desk in winter or a relaxing corner of your garden with a water feature. Reb Zalman spoke of making “God’s Corner” in your home, a personal oasis where you go to meditate, contemplate and pray. A place where you keep your journal, your holy books, special pictures and mementos.

I like to create moments of “Oasis” in my life when I start to feel that I may be running on dry. I take a moment to stop and look at some flowers (cut or growing), read something inspiring, to listen to some uplifting music or to meditate. It can also be a wonderful feeling to make an “Oasis” for a loved one or friend, a safe place where they can relax and find respite from a stressful situation.

Consider and comment: Is there or has there been a place you consider your Oasis?

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