Psychologists have explored the concept of being in a State of Flow, when we essentially become one with our actions. I sometimes feel that the Shefa, שֶפַע the divine abundance of life is flowing freely, while at other times I feel that I am swimming against the current and getting nowhere.

When it comes to a skills like a sport or playing an instrument, regular practice creates the foundation to get to those desired states of flow. When it comes to life, regular meditation and spiritual practice can prime the pump for those feelings of flow. Achieving flow in prayer or in life streams from a melding of constant practice (Keva קֶבַע) with focused intention (Kavanah כַּווָּנָה).

Sometimes when I feel out of the flow, feeling awkward or uncomfortable, you guessed it, the best thing to do is just “go with the flow” of that as well. Just be present with whatever is, finding that it too shall pass in the flow of life.

Consider and Comment: What activity in your life gives you the greatest sense of being in the flow?



Featured Photo: Flowing River by Rabbi Julie Hilton Danan.

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