New Moon Pink Clouds, JHDEach complete Gateway Page at Wellsprings of Wisdom includes a Sharing Circle post where you are invited to share your own experiences of that symbol in Nature. I’ve just added the latest Sharing Circle to the almost-complete Gateway of the Moon.

I hope that you will connect with  me, your guide, and the Wellsprings community of seekers, by visiting to the Sharing Circle post at the bottom of each Gateway page (or find them all at once here). There you can share your own experiences in nature. (Of course, you are also invited to comment on other posts!) Some Circles have already gotten insightful comments, while others are still waiting expectantly for what you have to say. I try to personally reply to most comments and also welcome you to reply thoughtfully and kindly to comments by other users. I truly hope that Wellsprings will develop a community of learners and seekers so that the site become interactive and participatory as well as educational and inspirational.

With a couple more posts, the new Gateway of the Moon will be “complete” (though I continue to add to and enhance “completed” Gateways over time), and I plan to send a one page email newsletter to subscribers letting you know what’s new at Wellsprings. Sign up for the mini-newsletter using the form at the top of the What’s New Page so that we can keep in occasional touch on our journeys. Won’t flood your in box or share your info!

Due to the unique nature of this more-than-a-blog site, there are no automatic update notices, so subscribing or checking this column are your best ways to make sure you experience the fullness of Wellsprings of Wisdom.