Your turn! Consider these questions and share your responses in the comments.

What does the term “holy land” mean to you? What makes a land holy?

How do you find a sense of sanctuary in Nature?

Do you practice the art of sacred strolling / forest bathing / sauntering? What is that like for you?

What is your relationship to animals, plants and the more-than-human world? Do you “talk to the animals” and what do they communicate to you?

What do you know or practice about the Shemitah / Sabbatical  Year? Or what would you like to try? How do you think that this Biblical concept of a year of rest for land and society could influence the modern world?

What ancestral landscape has shaped your people and your soul? Where do you feel a deep sense of connection to place? Is there be more than one “holy land” for you?


Featured Image: View of South Lake Tahoe, photo by Julie H. Danan

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