It has been estimated that a billion people in the world lack consistent access to clean, safe water for drinking and sanitation. We are truly blessed to enjoy indoor plumbing with fresh, clean water that flows hot and cold from our taps, while in many parts of the world, young children haul heavy buckets of water for their families, several times a day. Consider these Tzedakah organizations that help people in developing nations gain access to clean water:Child at well in Liberia. Photo from American Jewish World Service:

Water for People is a highly rated non-profit that works to empower local communities in focused locations around the world, to help people build and maintain their own safe, reliable water systems.

Bridging the Gap was started by an amazing neighbor in Northern California who felt moved by her own faith to bring clean water to people in developing nations in Africa, and in Nepal. She has biked cross-country to raise funds and started an annual walkathon where participants carry buckets of water.

American Jewish World Service is a leading Jewish human rights and development organization. Part of its mission is helping poor communities in developing nations protect their land, water, and natural resources.

Featured Image: Collecting water in Benin – Arne Hoel for the World Bank (Creative Commons licensed, Flickr), via


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