We are experiencing tumultuous times, but that very turmoil calls more people to take personal action for service, healing, and bettering the world. To avoid burnout and bitterness, it’s important to stay centered and nurture our inner lives. Wellsprings of Wisdom strives to integrate the timeless and the timely, Tikkun HaLev (healing our hearts) with Tikkun Olam (repairing our world).

What’s New on the Site

First snow of the season, JHD


New Gateway (Content Page), the Gateway of Seasons, which explores the beauty of changing seasons and the meaning of life cycles and timeliness, from earliest Jewish sources to our own lives. This Gateway is “in development” and I continue to add pathways (posts) for you to explore.

As the site relaunched, the Gateway of Darkness was added, exploring the beauty and wisdom of night.





New pathways (posts) on existing Gateways:


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